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Photographer Job Descriptions, Skills & Requirements

Photographers operate cameras to capture images of people, events, scenes, materials, products, among other elements. They usually work independently or independently, or with photographic studies, newspapers, magazines, museums, and government entities.

These professionals can specialize in various areas of photography such as portraits or faces, commercial, scientific, forensic, medical, fashion, digital or analog, multimedia or photojournalism.

Photographers are also known as Photojournalist, Commercial Photographer, Advertising Photographer, Forensic Photographer, Product Photographer, Wedding and Session Photographer, Aerial Photographer, and Fashion Photographer.

Photographer Job Descriptions, Skills & Requirements

Functions of a Photographer

Below are the most common functions of a Photographer:

  • Have the ability to handle a good quality camera, whether digital or analog and/or own one along with the necessary equipment:
  • Know about the use of filters and lenses in order to obtain the desired effects.
  • Know how to use a tripod and lighting equipment.
  • Use delicate equipment, such as optical microscopes built into the cameras.
  • Analyze the particular requirements of a given assignment:
  • Decide what type of camera, film, lighting or background will be used.
  • Take into account all conditions relevant to weather, space, and lighting.
  • Recognize the appropriate locations for taking outdoors or indoors.
    • Determine the composition of the images and make technical adjustments to the equipment when necessary to take the picture.
    • Mobilize the team to the studio, location or event; Adjust the lighting and use the light meter.
    • Photograph elements of any context: buildings, landscapes, products, equipment, sports, fashion, social or political events, and models.
    • Interact, if required, with individuals to photograph:
    • Direct the models in order to make several shots and thus have several options for the final selection.
    • Be willing and able to explain the photographic processes to customers.
    • Attend and make customers feel comfortable during the photo session.
    • Contact the client to consult the type and quantity of photos required.
    • Ensure that the photo session runs smoothly.
    • Sort and optimize digital files:
    • Scan the images with a scanner to transfer them to the computer.
    • Use computers to retouch images, making use of editing programs, such as Photoshop.
    • Adapt existing photographs and produce new digitized images, to be included in multimedia products.
    • Keep the consistency in the images in terms of color and lighting.
    • Retouch the negatives using computerized techniques.
    • Process the photographic film and prepare tests for customer approval:
    • Finish the work once approval is obtained.
    • Make any modification or improvement requested by the client (increase or decrease in size and framing).
    • Prepare the images for display in different media, if necessary.
    • Make budgets.
    • Keep up with the latest trends and advances in techniques and photographic equipment.

Daily Tasks of a Photographer

  • Use a high-resolution camera, whether analog or digital.
  • Adjust the necessary lighting in the studio or location.
  • Photographing subjects (eg models, buildings, landscapes, events).
  • Photograph different elements (models, buildings, landscapes, events).
  • Operate different types of technological equipment and programs (scanners, computers, and Photoshop).

Photographer Required Skills

  • Communication skills:
    • Communicate clearly, in writing and orally, to give instructions.
    • Be a good listener to understand and abide by the client’s request.
    • Have a vocation for service and leadership.
    • Having the ability to work together with an assistant.
    • Be open to new ideas.
  • Organized and able to manage your time effectively:
    • Being able to handle multiple projects at the same time and work under pressure in a dynamic and active environment.
    • Having the ability to organize their time and prioritize tasks in order to meet customer requirements in order to obtain as much income as possible.
    • Be honest, responsible and organized.
    • Be detailed and structured.
  • Motivated and willing to work independently.
    • Motor coordination and physical strength:
    • Having the ability to remain seated, standing, bowing, crouching or kneeling for extended periods of time.
    • Having the physical strength to carry heavy equipment.

Requirements of a Photographer

Every person who wishes to become a successful Photographer, in addition to possessing the aforementioned skills and abilities must have the below requirements:

  • Must have a good balance between technical expertise and creativity.
  • Although it is not necessary to be certified to start in this profession, it is recommended, especially for high-level photo sessions, to have a university degree in Photography, Arts, Audiovisual Production or other similar disciplines.
  • Generally, professionals in this area are required to have an experience of 2 to 4 years.
  • Having a portfolio that stands out from the rest of the competition is essential for Photographers, in the same way, it is beneficial for their professional profile, to participate in competitions and to obtain experience through internships, whether working for newspapers or magazines.
  • Additionally, in order to develop in this industry, it is necessary to establish a reliable network of clients and build their reputation, since working on high-profile projects will begin to attract business opportunities.
  • Finally, it is essential that Photographers have the ability to work flexible hours, including weekends, and to stand for long periods of time.
  • In turn, it is recommended that they have a driver’s license and/or have a reliable means of transportation to move with their team to different events, studios or locations.
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