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Office Manager Job Description, Skills & Requirements

Office Managers set work priorities and manage the expenses of a company, organization or office. They are also responsible for analyzing administrative operations and strategies, as well as monitoring the performance of employees with the objective of suggesting and implementing new work methods and systems.

In other words, the Office Managers supervise and coordinate all the administrative tasks of a company or organization, with the exception of large companies, where each department (Accounting, Human Resources, among others) has its own Office Manager. On the other hand, when working for small organizations, Office Managers must carry out the tasks of an Administrative Assistant or an Executive Assistant, such as keeping the agendas of executives and coordinating work meetings.

Clearly, the tasks and responsibilities of an Office Manager will depend on the type of company or organization for which they work, from law firms to medical offices, the list is endless. Your immediate supervisor can be the General Director, the Senior Manager or any other company executive.

Office Managers are also known as Office Manager, Office Director, Administration Officer, Administrative Analyst, Office CoordinatorAdministrative Technician.

Responsibilities of Office Managers

Here are the most common functions of an Office Manager:

  • Develop, implement, monitor and review plans, processes and tactical and operational systems, complying with the objectives, guidelines, policies, processes, budgets, delivery dates and other requirements of the company or organization.
  • Hire new employees or attend the Human Resources department during the recruitment process.
  • Train, guide, supervise and sanction staff members to ensure the efficiency of the daily operation of the office:
  • Assign, supervise and monitor the administrative tasks of areas such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, data entry, among others.
  • Ensure that the objectives and delivery dates are met, in addition, that the projects are carried out in accordance with the guidelines and procedures of the company.
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure the correct management of all operations.
  • Monitor budgets and accounting, including payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, collections, bank reconciliations, remittances and financial reports:
  • Ensure the planning, preparation and management of the budget in compliance with the objectives, guidelines and procedures of the company.
  • Ensure that both administrative activities and services do not go beyond the established budget.
  • Supervise the maintenance and repair of office equipment, in addition to the replacement of supplies:
    • Identify the deficiencies in the office and determine the requirements of the facilities.
    • Review all orders for supplies and approve/negotiate their prices.
    • Cultivate and maintain professional relationships with distributors and service providers.
    • Manage receipts and invoices, delivering them to the Accounting department when necessary.
  • Take care of complaints and claims, carry out the corresponding investigation and find a possible solution:
    • Listen to the opinions of employees and customers to make the necessary changes.
  • Deliver reports, update records and databases, in addition to preparing presentations and proposals when required:
    • Make a general summary of the activities carried out in the office, identify trends and make relevant recommendations.
    • Evaluate and report employee performance in accordance with the guidelines established by the company.
    • Offer your opinion and make recommendations and adjustments corresponding to current working methods and systems.
  • Monitor the entries and exits of employees:
    • Review and approve permits (due to illness, professional or personal reasons, among others) and employee vacations.
  • In certain cases, plan and coordinate corporate events.

Daily Tasks of Office Managers

  • Train, guide, supervise and sanction administrative staff.
  • Ensure the efficiency of general office operations by monitoring daily workflow and delegating tasks among staff members.
  • Supervise employee performance, budgets for each project and deadlines.
  • Make the necessary recommendations and adjustments to be made to the current work methods and systems.
  • Prepare presentations, proposals and reports.
  • Supervise the maintenance and repair of office equipment, in addition to the replacement of supplies.

Office Managers Required Skills

  • Communication and negotiation skills, leadership and proactivity:
    • Communicate clearly, both in writing and orally, with executives, suppliers and other staff members.
    • Being able to present information and different ideas to different groups of people, simplifying complicated and long topics.
    • Demonstrate a captivating and friendly attitude with the objective of cultivating long-term professional relationships, both with clients and with third parties, to facilitate collaborations and efforts.
    • Manage requirements in a professional, polite and protocol way.
  • Leadership and guidance capacity:
    • Act in a professional and ethical manner and be a collaborator to induce trust and respect.
    • Inspire other employees to meet and exceed their goals.
    • Be witty, energetic and have initiative.
  • Empathic and comprehensive:
    • Focus on people, putting the interests of customers and/or colleagues first.
  • Analytical and decision-making ability, ability to resolve conflicts:
    • Resolve conflicts efficiently and quickly.
    • Being able to collect, monitor and analyze all kinds of quantitative and qualitative data to create informative reports and present strategic plans with the aim of solving problems.
  • Organized and able to manage your time effectively:
    • Be organized and detailed.
    • Being able to supervise and coordinate multiple departments at the same time and work under pressure in a dynamic and active environment.
  • Administrative Capabilities:
    • Being able to process texts, use spreadsheets and manage databases.
    • Type 40 to 60 words per minute.
  • Have good presence.
  • Responsible, reliable and proactive.

Office Managers Requirements

  • Office Managers must have extensive administrative and business management knowledge, which can be achieved by completing a postgraduate degree in Administration, Business Administration or Accounting.
  • Having basic knowledge of the sector to which they plan to apply is a requirement for candidates, that is, an Office Manager has the option to specialize in areas such as Education, Law or Hospitality.
  • The experience required for this type of employment is normally between 3 and 5 years in the area of ​​administrative management, while some employers require up to 10 years of experience.
  • Having experience in project management is a great advantage for the candidate, as well as knowing how to manage accounting books and plan corporate events.
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