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List of Nigerian States, Capitals & their Slogans

There are 36 states in Nigeria, alongside their capitals, they make up the 36 states of the Nigerian federation. The 36 states in Nigeria are classified under six distinct geopolitical zones; name the South West, South-South, South East, North West, North East, and North Central. Beyond the geopolitical zoning system, each state in Nigeria has its slogan.

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT), more commonly referred or known as Abuja is not regarded as a state in Nigeria but as the country’s seat of power. The FCT is not under any state government but under the direct leadership of the country’s number one man – the president.

How States in Nigeria Got their Slogans

Some state slogans in Nigeria have historical/religious/cultural or occupational undertones to them. For example, states that take pride in farming have something related to farming in their slogan. A good example is Benue whose slogan is ‘The Food Basket of the Nation‘. Another example is Ebonyi‘s slogan, ‘The salt of the Nation‘, signifying the huge presence of Salt in the state. Royal Salt company is situated in Ebonyi.

List of States in Nigeria, Capitals, Slogan & Year of Creation

Below is a list of all Nigerian states and capitals as well as their slogans and the year of creation:

S/NStateCapitalSloganYear of Creation
1AbiaUmuahiaGod’s own State1991
2AdamawaYolaFormer slogan: Land of Beauty, Sunshine, and Hospitality
New Slogan: Highest peak of the nation
3Akwa IbomUyoLand of promise1987
4AnambraAwkaFormer slogan: Home for all
New slogan: Light of the nation
5BauchiBauchiPearl of Tourism1976
6BayelsaYenagoaThe Glory of All Lands1996
7BenueMakurdiFood basket of the Nation  1996
8BornoMaiduguriHome of peace1976
9Cross RiverCalabarThe people’s paradise1967
10DeltaAsabaFormer slogan: The Big Heart
New slogan: The Finger of God
11EbonyiAbakalikiThe salt of the Nation1996
12EdoBenin CityThe Heart Beat of the Nation1991
13EkitiAdo – EkitiFormer slogan: Fountain of Knowledge
New slogan: Land of honour and integrity
14EnuguEnuguCoal City State1991
15GombeGombeJewel in the Savannah1996
16ImoOwerriOld slogan: Land of Hope
New slogan: Eastern heartland
17JigawaDutseThe New World1991
18KadunaKadunaFormer slogan: Liberal State
new slogan: Centre of learning
19KanoKanoCentre of Commerce1967
20KatsinaKatsinaState of Hospitality1987
21KebbiBirnin KebbiLand of Equity1991
22KogiLokojaThe Confluence State1991
23KwaraIlorinThe state of Harmony1967
24LagosIkejaCentre of Excellence1967
25NasarawaLafiaThe home of Solid Minerals1996
26NigerMinnaThe power State1976
27OgunAbeokutaThe Gateway State1976
28OndoAkureThe Sunshine State1976
29OsunOshogboOld slogan: State of living spring
New slogan: Land of virtue
30OyoIbadanThe pacesetter State1991
31PlateauJosHome of peace and tourism1976
32RiversPort HarcourtTreasure base of the Nation1967
33SokotoSokotoSeat of the Caliphate1976
34TarabaJalingoNature’s gift to the Nation1991
35YobeDamaturuOld slogan: The young shall grow
New slogan: Pride of the Sahel
36ZamfaraGusauOld slogan: Home of Agricultural Products
New slogan: Farming is our pride


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