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Furniture Manufacturer Job Descriptions, Skills & Requirements

Furniture Manufacturers use a variety of wood, laminates and other materials to design, build, make and repair cabinets, chairs, tables, cabinets, dressing rooms and any other similar object. They also restore pieces of antique furniture.

These professionals can work independently or autonomously, however, they can also be hired by construction companies, furniture factories, contractors, among others.

Furniture Manufacturers are also known as Cabinet makers, Furniture Restorers, Furniture Carvers, Carpenters, Furniture Carpenters, Furniture Varnish, Furnituremakers, Furniture Designers, Furniture Builders.

Furniture Manufacturer Job Descriptions, Skills & Requirements

Functions of a Furniture Manufacturer

Below are the most common functions of a Furniture Manufacturer:

  • Build, preserve and repair different types of furniture:
    • Review the specifications, sketches or designs of the furniture to be built.
    • Consult with customers about their needs in order to develop an appropriate concept.
    • Prepare an original design or sketch when necessary.
    • Perform the projection of the measurements on wood or other material.
    • Measure, cut, shape, weld, join or assemble the different materials following the established design and using the indicated raw material (wood or its substitutes, metals, textiles, among others).
    • Complete the pieces using glue, clamps and reinforce the hinges with nails, screws or any other type of pin screw.
    • Sand the wooden surfaces, apply plating, polish the finished products and make the last aesthetic finishes.
    • Repair or renovate damaged furniture or objects.
  • Ensure that their products are well built and have sufficient strength for the purpose for which they were designed.
  • Restore antique furniture.
  • Operate carpentry equipment, such as saws, lathes and chisels
    • Use hand tools to cut and mold each piece.
    • Ensure the safe use of potentially toxic tools and chemicals.
  • Establish a network of vendors, suppliers and customers:
    • Obtain, through specialized suppliers and shops, the supply of different materials, such as wood, beams, metal, plastic, leather and aluminum.
  • Estimate the quantity, type and cost of the required material.
  • Be aware of the latest trends and market advances.

Daily Tasks of a Furniture Manufacturer

  • Review sketches, designs, and specifications.
  • Build, preserve and repair furniture made of wood or substitutes thereof, metal and other materials.
  • Work with carpentry equipment and other hand tools.
  • Assemble furniture and pieces together, add items such as brackets, hinges, handles, and locks.
  • Calculate the quantity, type, and cost of the material to be used.

Furniture Manufacturer Required Skills

  • Skill for business.
  • Communication skills and service vocation:
    • Communicate clearly, both in writing and verbally, with clients and co-workers.
    • Be a good listener to listen carefully to customer requirements or the instructions of the Designer.
    • Organized and able to manage your time effectively:
    • Ability to prioritize and plan work activities in order to manage time efficiently and be able to meet established delivery dates.
  • Analytical capacity:
    • Address tasks in a reliable and skilled manner.
    • Being able to calculate the required materials and the amount of money to invest.
    • Pay attention to the details.
  • Continuous focus on security, expense control and customer satisfaction:
    • Use dust mask, safety boots, helmet, glasses and hearing protection.
    • Motivated, disciplined and persistent:
    • Being able to work independently and without supervision.
  • Manual dexterity, motor coordination and physical strength:
    • Have good manual skills and willingness to provide optimal work.
    • Being able to lift or carry heavy objects.
    • Having the ability to remain standing, kneeling, squatting, crouching and crawling for long periods of time.

Requirements of a Furniture Manufacturer

In addition to the aforementioned skills and abilities, it is essential that Furniture Manufacturers be creative and practical. In general, it is not required to have any special training to perform in this role, so it is usually started as an assistant to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. In turn, it is beneficial to start doing an internship in a furniture or design company. In Nigeria, there are arts and crafts schools that teach courses in carpentry, upholstery and in the management of computer-aided design (CAD) programs.

Usually, those who work as Furniture Manufacturers aspire to work on their own and eventually open their own business in the area. On the other hand, those who are employees can ascend to the positions of Supervisor, Quality Inspector and even that of Designer, once the necessary experience and training are acquired.

These professionals normally carry out their work in a studio or workshop that has enough space and the necessary tools to do their job. In turn, they can work in factories dedicated to mass production of products. In addition, on occasion, it may be necessary for Furniture Manufacturers to move to their customers’ residences or to visit suppliers to purchase materials.

Likewise, the work performed by these individuals is usually physically strenuous given the long hours they must remain standing and the high level of concentration they must have when handling potentially dangerous tools and sensitive materials.

In this branch, establishing a network of contacts is essential to build a customer base that can be maintained or increased by starting to work independently or autonomously. In addition to this, it is essential that a Furniture Manufacturer knows how to sell his work and skills. It is important to keep in mind that participating in fairs or exhibitions can be of great help to find new business opportunities, in the same way, in order to achieve a good professional progression, it is important to focus on the continuous learning of new skills.

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