Become a Pornstar in Nigeria

Magic Touch Productions, a creative adult production outfit in Nigeria is on the verge of rolling out into becoming an all-around adult entertainment company.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! We are recruiting models to become the biggest face of the Nigerian porn industry. Our models are not like the regular ones you know around and the many benefits of becoming one of our models are simply amazing! Below are some of the reasons:

  1. You get to earn between N50,000 – N100,000 per production, depending on certain factors which will be made known during your audition.
  2. Our models automatically get exclusive access to our special events which we organise mainly around the Island in Lagos. You get to earn as much as N150,000 per night from these events! Your money is yours alone!
  3. As one of our models, you become an almost instant celebrity in Nigeria and become your own boss by being an influencer to niche-based companies.
  4. You could get to tour Nigeria with other models during shoots and productions. 
  5. You also get to earn special commissions on productions that you feature in EVERY MONTH!
  6. Your earning per production is not the same as your special commission. This means you earn per production and also get commissions on how well your videos boom.
  7. You can choose to pull out at any time. Your decision is final and will be respected. 
  8. Monies you make are 100% yours and not shared with you in any way!

How many models do we need?

We require 65 models in total from these locations:

  • Lagos – 20 Models (5 males and 10 females)
  • Ogun – 5 models (1 male and 4 females) – SLOT IS FULL!
  • Ibadan – 10 models (4 males and 6 females)
  • Anambra – 10 models (3 males and 7 females)
  • Enugu – 10 models (3 males and 7 females)
  • Port Harcourt – 10 models (3 males and 7 females)

(These models will be recruited on a permanent basis to work for Magic Touch Productions except they choose not to continue again. This means we will not be hiring for a very long time after this golden opportunity).

When is our major production? 

Our major production will take place around October-November, across the 6 aforementioned states.

Proposed Timeline of our upcoming events

  • May – July 2021 (Registration of Models across the listed locations in Nigeria)
  • August – September 2021 (Auditions across the listed locations)
  • October – November 2021 (Shooting and production)

PS: Special events are public events but strictly organized by Magic Touch Productions. This means interested members of the public will have to register to get in while our models will have automatic free access to them and make as much as they want to from these events. 

How to Register

  • Pre-registration of models started exactly 12:00 AM on May 17th, 2021.
  • Interested models are required to pay the sum of N30,000 for registration, onboarding and access to future events.
  • To get started, interested models should click the link to fill the pre-registration form:
  • Applicants are to fill the form and upload pictures as requested. ALL INFORMATION SENT WILL BE HANDLED AS PRIVATE!
  • Upon filling the preregistration form, an account number will be sent via email and models are expected to make payment and send evidence of payment via email.
  • Upon confirmation, onboarding will begin and then models will be drafted for an audition where earning will be discussed. Earning will vary from model to model as a result of certain factors which will be discussed during the audition.
  • We are only interested in models aged between 18-35 for both males and females.
  • Note that we might close certain locations if we have enough models for them.
  • Pre-registration is MANDATORY for prospective models!

Please share this!

For inquiries, please send us an email:

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