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Architect Job Description, Skills & Requirements

Unquestionably, Architecture is one of the oldest professions, which combines engineering principles and concepts with creativity and artistic expression. The main work of an Architect is to create, plan and design buildings for different purposes, including residential, commercial, industrial or urban landscaping.

While Engineers focus on finding solutions to problems and coordinating the technical aspect of the construction process, the Architects present a clear guide to their vision of the building to be built; In other words, the Architects give personality and artistic value to the different buildings.

These professionals usually work for firms of Architects that are agencies dedicated to the design and renovation of buildings, in this sense, they offer their services to construction companies, investors and government entities. In general, when the initiative arises to build a new building or to carry out a renovation or remodeling of existing work, different architects firms present their ideas and designs to the applicant, who will choose the best proposal based on creativity, feasibility and cost of the project.

Similarly, Architects may choose to work for private companies or government entities as advisors or inspectors of the works; Likewise, these professionals can work independently or autonomously.

Responsibilities of Architects

  • Create, plan and design buildings and structures:
    • Conceptualize and organize ideas, materials and design styles before starting to execute a proposal.
    • Make the sketch of buildings and structures at scale using, for this, specialized programs, such as AutoCAD or SketchUp and other tools.
    • Include engineering principles and elements in its design, such as the basis of the structure, water and electrical systems, as well as analyze the materials and their properties.
    • Integrate environmental aspects into the design to confer natural light, green areas, ventilation and rainwater collector.
    • Prepare a report that indicates the cost of the material, the labor required, the permits and the necessary documentation, as well as the estimated time to carry out the construction.
    • Take into consideration environmental factors, such as temperature, altitude, wind speed and weather events that may affect the integrity of the building.
    • Comply with government regulations and statutes applicable to the construction, renovation and demolition of buildings, such as those relating to emergency systems, escape or evacuation routes, bases and seismic structures, etc.
    • Present the project design to your superiors or potential clients.
  • Communicate with potential clients:
    • Promote the work of the firm, presenting the portfolio to customers.
    • Search the market for new construction or renovation projects.
    • Submit a design proposal specifying the materials to be used, the required investment and the necessary work time to be considered for construction or renovation projects.
    • Negotiate the terms and fees for construction with potential clients.
    • Prepare the legal contract after the client has selected the proposal.
  • Supervise the construction and renovation of a work:
    • Make on-site visits for inspections.
    • Work together with the Engineers and other employees to guide them in relation to the structural aspects of the work.
    • Contact suppliers and contractors when necessary.
    • Interact with the legal team of the firm and with the construction company to refine the details corresponding to the required permits.
    • Wear mandatory protective clothing when visiting the works.
  • Visit and examine the structural integrity of old buildings and their structures:
    • Inspect the bases and conditions of the work.
    • Evaluate the state of the water, electrical and emergency systems.
    • Decide if the building is in a position to be inhabited, renovated or demolished.

Daily Tasks of Architects

  • Create and design buildings and structures.
  • Design renovation plans for existing buildings and structures.
  • Evaluate the conditions of old buildings to determine if they are habitable or not.
  • Perform on-site inspections of construction sites.
  • Present design projects for new buildings to potential clients.
  • Keep existing customers and contact potential customers.

Architects Required Skills

  • Communication and leadership skills:
    • Communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, to establish a harmonious and communicative environment with coworkers and clients.
    • Being able to lead a multidisciplinary team in achieving the established objectives.
    • Being able to read and write technical reports.
    • Be able to explain complex concepts to clients using simple vocabulary.
  • Creativity:
    • Incorporate your artistic sense into your designs to develop innovative buildings and structures with personality that can be considered works of art.
  • Mathematical and engineering skills:
  • Apply basic engineering concepts, complex mathematical theories, among other processes, to their designs and projects so that they can be viable.
  • Analytical, capable of solving problems and critical thinking:
    • Being able to identify and solve problems in a timely manner, using critical thinking and good judgment.
    • Being able to work on highly complex projects that require the incorporation of various variables, as well as paying great attention to detail and having the ability to solve problems efficiently.
  • Excellent decision making to determine the viability of the project, taking into account the costs and everything related to security issues.
  • Organization, time management and retailer:
    • Avoid any type of disorganization in your workplace and in the area of ​​construction that may lead to legal problems, damage to equipment and potential accidents.
    • Being able to work independently and as part of a team in a dynamic and active environment.
    • Be accurate and certain when making your calculations and designs.
    • Being able to prioritize their tasks and responsibilities.

Architects Requirements

  • In order to work as an Architect, it is required to have a university degree in Architecture and Urbanism, Architecture and Construction or other related careers. In addition, it is recommended that the professional is duly registered with a professional body.
  • In general, newly graduated professionals start as Auxiliary Architects where they provide assistance and support to more experienced Architects, from whom they acquire the required skills and abilities necessary for their professional practice.
  • On the other hand, those professionals with more than 3 or 4 years of work under their belt, can opt for larger positions, that is, as those who supervise and direct the rest of the employees of the work; However, in order to perform at this level, candidates with master’s degrees are usually preferred in any of the specialties of Architecture, such as Landscaping, Architectural Design, Rehabilitation of Architectural Heritage, Industrial Design, among others.
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