Airtel Data Configuration Settings for Smartphones

Airtel Data Configuration Settings for Smartphones isn’t really difficult. First, you must sure you have an active data subscription before troubleshooting your device for data network settings, lest you disrupt your, active setting. You should check this link for all Airtel smartCONNECT data subscription packages as well as bonus.

To have access to the internet on your mobile phones and tablets or other data-enabled devices, you will have to ensure your APN settings are configured correctly on the Airtel network.

What is APN?

APN simply means Access Point Name. This is a requirement on the network for all data users. It is your gateway to access the web on the Airtel Network. Your phone won’t connect to the internet if your APN is either entered incorrectly or missing.

What is Airtel’s APN?

Airtel’s APN is If your phone/device has no APN settings or incorrect APN settings, you would be unable to access the web.

Typically, once you insert the Airtel SIM, the settings are automatically configured. However, a need to configure manually might occur. This varies from device to device.

Airtel Data Configuration Settings for All Smartphones

PhonesProcessUsernamePasswordAPNHome Page
iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad MiniSettings>Cellular data>APN settings>APNPlease leave blankPlease leave
iPhones 3G and 4Settings>General>Network>Mobile Data Network>APN>Please leave blankPlease leave
iPhone 4S and iPhone 5Settings>General>Cellular>Cellular Data Network>APN>Please leave blankPlease leave
Android phones and tabletsSettings>More Settings>MobileNetwork> Access Point Names>Click onMenu options> New APN> Name>type inaccess.Click onAPN>Please leave blankPlease leave onAuthentication type>type inPAP
Windows OS e.g. Nokia Lumia SeriesSettings>MobileNetworks>Edit APN>Please leave blankPlease leave
Symbian OS e.g. Nokia N8Settings>Connectivity>AdminSettings>Mobile Data>Access Point name>Please leave blankPlease leave
Symbian OS e.g. Nokia C5Settings>settings>Connection>Packet Data>Access Point>Please leave blankPlease leave
OS 7 e.g. BB Bold 5Options>Device and Status information>Advanced System settings>TCP/IP> Click onAPN settings enabled>Please leave blankPlease leave
OS 5 e.g. BB Bold 2Options>Advanced Options>TCP/IP> Click onAPN settings enabled> Click onAPN>Please leave blankPlease leave can also get the settings by sending ‘S’ to 232
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