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Administration Jobs: Skills, Responsibilities & Description

Not all Administration professionals work during office hours, contrary to popular beliefs. Some of these employees need to fulfill other responsibilities and sometimes they must work overtime to meet the established dates. However, this is not always the case and schedules vary between one company and another.

In this post, we have detailed everything you need to know about administrative roles, their responsibilities, required skills and educational requirements.

Functions of Administrators

The Administration department provides a structure to all types of organizations, from financial institutions to law firms and hospitals. It is the information center, the database and the registration of a company; This department is responsible for collecting, conserving and distributing information, making it measurable, easy to find and retrieve data. In addition, the administrative department controls the company’s budget and has the final say in regards to decisions, policy-making, and procedures implementation.

The administrative area combines the experience of different professionals from other specialties, such as Human Resources, Accounting and Sales. All these departments have the same objective, to ensure the proper functioning of the organization or company. Consequently, most administrative staff play a managerial role or report directly to the departments mentioned above.

Administration Responsibilities

Professionals in the Administration area are usually divided into two groups: executives and other employees. Those in executive positions fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Develop, implement, monitor and monitor plans, procedures and tactical and operational systems, complying with the strategic objectives, guidelines, procedures, budgets and deadlines of the organization or company.
  • Recruit, train, guide, supervise and sanction administrative employees.
  • Assign tasks and set priorities.
  • Monitor budgets, equipment maintenance, employee performance and event management.
  • Dealing with complaints and complaints with the help of the Human Resources department.

On the other hand, the rest of the administrative employees fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Take care of internal and external requirements, send calls and emails to the corresponding person.
  • Provide information to clients and employees, answer questions and resolve complaints in a professional, discreet and diplomatic manner.
  • Collect and classify information, file and organize documents in physical and digital, as well as enter information and maintain the database.
  • Write, review and distribute written communications, reports, presentations and spreadsheets.
  • Schedule appointments and work meetings, handle calendars when necessary.
  • Supervise the proper use of office equipment and keep inventory of supplies up to date.
  • Plan and coordinate corporate events, such as walks, celebrations and charity events.

Administration Required Skills

All professionals in the Administration area share the same capabilities, which include, among others, the ones mentioned below:

  • Being able to handle several responsibilities at the same time and, prioritizing them.
  • Learn and adapt quickly to different situations, facing different requests at the same time.
  • Communicate clearly, both in writing and orally, in order to provide detailed instructions and information, as well as to provide assistance to employees and customers.
  • Have a pleasant personality to be able to cultivate and maintain positive and lasting labor relations.
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service, anticipating customer needs and handling requirements proactively and efficiently.
  • Be optimistic, energetic and have the willingness to do things well, motivating others and themselves.
  • Be thorough and thorough, ensuring that specifications are met.
  • Being able to collect, analyze, organize and present information.
  • Be witty, attentive and flexible; Being able to identify and solve problems effectively.
  • Be independent, able to work without supervision, using your initiative and common sense.
  • Demonstrate administrative and technological skills, have basic knowledge to process texts, use spreadsheets and manage databases.
  • Be honest and discreet when handling sensitive data.

Administration – Educational Requirements

  • In order to obtain an executive position in the administrative area, the person must have a good educational level and acquire years of experience. A master’s degree in Business Administration is the most popular educational option among Administrative Managers, along with their respective degrees in Administration or Accounting.
  • Most of the jobs related to the Administration area are at the beginner level and these jobs usually require the minimum educational level, that is, having finished high school. However, more and more employers are looking for candidates who have finished their bachelor’s degrees or technical courses in Accounting, Administration or Business Administration. Likewise, any type of higher education will be considered as experience and will help the candidate to apply for executive positions in the future.
  • Almost all organizations and companies have administrative tasks that must be fulfilled, therefore, professionals in the administrative area have the option of working in a wide variety of industries; however, they are likely to have to specialize in the area in which they want to work (Finance, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Operations, Event Planning, Tourism, Hospitality, Law, Health, Engineering, Computing, Telecommunications and/or Modern Languages .
  • Administrative employees who deal with the public should pay special attention to the way they are perceived by other people, therefore, it is essential to have excellent customer service skills; In addition, the perfect candidate must be polite and protocol at all times, smiling and demonstrating a positive and enthusiastic attitude.
  • Contrary to popular belief, not all Administration professionals work during office hours. Some of these employees need to fulfill other responsibilities and sometimes they must work overtime to meet the established dates. However, this is not always the case and schedules vary between one company and another.
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