70+ New Year 2020 Wishes, Messages for Family & Friends

The New Year is a special moment in time that makes us reflect on everything we have experienced and what we want to achieve in the future. The year is usually full of ups and downs, but regardless of whether the outgoing year for you, has been good or bad, surely you have had people by your side supporting you and giving you love at all times.

Those people deserve your thanks and best wishes, don’t you think? That is why NigerianWiki has compiled the 116 most original, funny and emotional New Year wishes so you can thank your loved ones for being by your side for another year.

Run away from the typical messages, the Christmas greetings that you will find below, surely you have never seen them before and you can use them to send them to your friends, partner, and family via text, WhatsApp or even e-mail, to share them on social networks or for you to meditate on the amazing moment of the new year.

70+ New Year 2020 Wishes, Messages for Family & Friends

70+ New Year 2020 Wishes, Messages for Family & Friends

1. For each day of the new year, a new desire to fight for … Good luck in your new projects!

2. Because we all have new purposes to fulfill in the new year. Wish the best to your friends and loved ones!

3. Although we have lost hope, many others will come along the way to hope our hearts. Happy New Year 2020!
This coming year may be the best year of your life and that of your family. Remember it!

4. Hopefully, your problems last the same as your New Year’s resolutions. Happy 2020! : P
We all start the year with many purposes, right? But, let’s not fool ourselves, all those good intentions are usually relegated in the drawer within a few months.

5. For this new year I wish you as much health as water the sea has, as much love as stars has the sky and as much luck as sand has the desert. Happy New Year!

6. I hope that in this new year your routine will become an adventure, your anger in huge smiles and your sadness in great hopes.

7. If in 2020 life gives you hundreds of reasons to cry, show him that you have millions of reasons to smile.

8. For New Year’s dinner… Does the mobile go to the right or to the left? Happy 2020!

9. Do you feel that someone is squeezing you too hard? Quiet, you just received a big hug from a distance. I wish you the best for this new year to come!

10. In this new year I wish you everything that makes you happy and nothing that makes you suffer.

11. I just want your best moments of 2019 to become the worst moments of 2020. Happy New Year!

12. May you never miss a dream to fulfill, a project to accomplish, something to learn and someone to love. Happy New Year!

13. In 2020, don’t wait, make it happen.

14. Tonight I only ask you one thing: look up at the sky and count all the stars in it … Those are all the good wishes that I send you for this coming year! Happy 2020!

15. I hope that in 2020 you will not lose sight of that very enthusiastic and positive personality that characterizes you so much… Keep feeling yourself!

16. Life has given us another year and all I want is to be able to share it with you.

17. Happiness + Hundreds of laughs. That is the sum of factors that I want for your family and for you in this new year. Happy 2020!

18. When a dream comes true, a little elf sketches a smile. This next 2020 the elves will not stop smiling. Happy New Year!

19. I wish you 12 months of prosperity, 52 weeks of joy and 365 days of success. Happy 2020!

20. I wish you a new year 2020 mathematician: add all kinds of pleasures, subtract any type of pain, multiply happiness by one thousand and divide love among all your loved ones. Happy New Year!

21. That this year you will find happiness, health, love, money, peace and whatever you need. And everything you can’t find: find it on Google!

22. A bottle of cava: 30 euros. A New Year’s Eve party: 50 euros. A party dress: 70 euros. May I congratulate you for the year: it is priceless! Happy 2020!

23. Do you have any unfulfilled dreams this year? Well, you already have a goal to reach by 2020. Happy new year!

24. A wise man said: the wealth of the human being is measured by the quantity and quality of the friends he has. Thank you for being part of my fortune. Happy New Year!

25. A tip for the new year: value what you have, overcome what hurts and fight for what you want.

26. New Year, new life. I walked past. The good, saved. The bad, crushed.

27. The best New Year’s ritual is to lay eggs for the next 365 days.

28. Learn from yesterday, live for today, wait for tomorrow. Happy New Year!

29. For another 365 days with you, I love you!

30. Lesson for 2020: Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad life.

31. Happy new year, my love. Never stop, never settle, until good is better and the best is excellent.

32. Twelve months, four seasons, a cheerful heart and dreamy eyes … Happy New Year!

33. 2020 can be the beginning of everything you want. Go for a new year!

34. This 2020 run after your dreams. If you don’t reach them, at least you lose weight!

35. My goal for 2020 is to meet the 2019 goals that should have met them in 2018.

36. The civil guard recalls that those who drink and drink again in the river are the fish, for everyone else they are: 6 points. Happy 2020!

37. This message goes to all those of us who start single in 2019 and we also end up single.

38. Next year will be the year of consumerism. Everyone will stay with the same car, with the same mobile, with the same salary … Happy New Year!

39. Don’t worry about the bad decisions you have made during the year … Your friends will take care of turning them into great stories.

30. I wish you such good parties that you start the year thinking that it was worth the laugh instead of the pain.

31. 2018 may not have been the best year, but it has been packed with unforgettable people, moments and days.

32. This year I loved, cried, fought, laughed, made mistakes, learned, grew up and met amazing people. Thanks 2019! Hello, 2020!

33. This year I can only thank you for being part of my immense fortune. Happy 2020!

34. The family is the greatest treasure that can exist in the world and I am extremely happy to have you by my side at this beginning of the year. Happy 2020!

35. Some people are like the sun, just show up to make your day better. Will you let me be your sun in 2020?

36. If you want a year of prosperity, sow wheat. If you want ten years of prosperity, plant fruit trees. If you want a life of prosperity, plant friends. I wish you to plant many friends this coming year. Happy New Year!

37. With a prawn and a mussel, I give you a kiss. With a barnacle and my friendship, Merry Christmas. And with my love, which is worth an egg, the Happy New Year.

38. I hope you make mistakes this year, because making mistakes means doing new things, learning, living and changing the world.

39. For this new year I wish you all the happiness, joy and love that fit in your heart.

40. May this year be full of triumphs, new encounters, new longings and great beautiful!

41. Happy New Year; the past stepped on, the good saved and the bad crushed.

42. May joy, health and peace be manifested daily in our lives … Happy New Year!

43. Hope smiles at me from the threshold of the coming year and whispers that this will be happier.

44. The words of the past year belong to the language of the past year, while the words of the coming year await along with another voice.

45. There will always be time to change; Take advantage of the first day of the year and strive to make all your wishes come true.

46. If you decide to be happy, you and your happiness will form an invincible force in the face of difficulties.

47. Learn from yesterday, live the present and fill yourself with hope for tomorrow.

48. Last year, life showed you that you have a thousand reasons to cry, so this year is the time to show you that you have a thousand and one to smile.

49. That everything that arrives is better than what you are looking for, lasts longer than you expect and makes you happier than you can imagine. Happy New Year!

50. Enjoy the things that make you happy without having to apologize to anyone, that’s what I most want for you in this new year.

51. To the oldest, long life full of magical moments; To the youngest, health and pleasure above all. Happy New Year!

52. New Year: do not forget to close cycles and put end points, because you are about to live a new story.

53. The bad news is that many things can change this year and the good news is that many things can change this year.

54. As you celebrate the New Year, don’t forget to thank the road for all the years that have gone, because without all the steps of the past we can never get to see the future.

55. Happy New Year friend. Remember that it is not the stars that determine your destiny, it is you.

56. This new year, stop asking yourself if you are good enough for others and start asking yourself if they are good enough for you.

57. Go to war with your vices, put yourself at peace with your neighbors and let each year make you a better man. Happy New Year!

58. Whatever scares you to do is what you should be doing. Make mistakes … this year, the next and always.

59. Any new beginning is forged from the fragments of the past, not from the abandonment of the past.

60. If you do not like something, change it. If you can not change it, then change your attitude.

61. You are the one who decides what is best for you and what is the best way to go … Happy New Year!

62. A new year never dies; It simply becomes a memory. It is everyone’s business to make it a happy memory.

63. You will not find, from nowhere, a happy life. You are going to build it. I hope this is the year you get it.

64. A strong personality is one capable of maintaining a good purpose even after the excitement of the moment has passed.

65. A new year is like a blank book, only that the pen is in your hands. Happy New Year!

66. Say goodbye to drama, toxic people and self-criticism. This year will be dedicated solely to love, compassion and fun! Happy New Year, friend!

67. At this time of year it is important to gather friends and spend time together. I am looking forward to receiving this new year with you.

68. May this year change the way you see things but don’t change anything about yourself, because you are amazing just the way you are.

69. I am grateful for all the new people I met this year, but above all, I am grateful to be able to keep people like you by my side.

70. Put on the batteries, because this new year you will have to go for everything and you will have to put up with me.

71. The years pass and go but our friendship endures, overcoming obstacles and crossing borders. My only wish is to keep it that way for many more years.

72. This new year I wish you do not forget your mistakes but learn from them; I will be by your side to overcome them all.

73. The best thing about this year has been to meet you and realize that I would find in you a true friendship. For many more years, friend.

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