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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Mesothelioma Lawyer


What does mesothelioma cancer have to do with the need for a lawyer? In the case of mesothelioma lawyers, a lot. If you get the news that you have cancer, you will usually think of doctors, treatments, hospitals, even diets. In the case of “breast cancer” or “lung cancer”, “cervical cancer“, images of the affected organs, pink ribbons, warnings on cigarette packs are visited.

But when we think “mesothelioma,” the first thing we think about is mesothelioma lawyer, remembering the television commercials we have seen over time and the fact that it is one of the highest paying keywords in Google Adsense. But why is this so?

Relationship between Asbestos Cancer & Mesothelioma Lawyers

The traditional commercial starts a male voiceover, saying something like: ” If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma… “. That is: “If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma…”

The announcement will end by asking you to contact a mesothelioma lawyer for a free consultation. There is a very valid reason for this.

Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos. It has been recognized as a carcinogen by multiple institutions including the Human and Health Services of the United States; the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Unfortunately, asbestos exposure of thousands of workers could be avoided. Those who had the power to avoid this exposure were asbestos manufacturing companies, who knew that asbestos was a carcinogen.

The law recognizes the right of every worker to work in a sanitary environment. Since your employer did not provide a safe environment for you, it is considered negligence. Such irresponsibility has caused you significant physical, economic and emotional damage. Then, you are entitled to financial compensation. Mesothelioma lawyers handle these procedures, which could result in substantial compensation.

A bit of History

Although it has been documented that exposure to asbestos causes serious damage to health, the toxic mineral was mined and processed in thousands of industrial and household products for many decades.

Since the 1920s, there are statistics that asbestos workers died early. In the 1930s, the Johns Manville factory had reports that its employees showed signs of asbestosis. However, the publication of this medical report was stopped by the company.

In the early 1930s, medical documents like these began to appear in the United States. They caused great concern in the asbestos industry. Trying to defend themselves, asbestos companies began a campaign to suppress the truth. With power games, closed-door deals, false tests, bribes and more, the asbestos industry created one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of the United States.

Asbestos & Its Problems


Asbestos is a very resistant material. The problem arises when products made with asbestos wear out, releasing their dust. These asbestos fibers fly in the air, and when you breathe them, they are inserted into the lining of lungs and other organs. They cause inflammation in these tissues, and in the long run, aggressive malignant tumors. That is why the issue of occupational exposure is scandalous.

The damage caused to workers, relatives, and people who lived in areas close to the factories is so great that many scholars have labeled it “genocide.”

Compensations in cases of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma lawyers are responsible for making the processing of demand by the affected. Normally, they do not charge until the claim or trial is won. In case the request for compensation is approved, the standard commission of the mesothelioma lawyer is 40% of what was received.

Consider this data:

  • The average compensation in cases of mesothelioma is $ 1 million USD
  • Most cases of mesothelioma are treated out of court.
  • In the case of mesothelioma trials, the average compensation of $ 6 million USD. There are cases in which compensation has reached USD 20 million, and another in which nothing has been granted.

Advertising on television, radio, and the Internet is the way many lawyers publicize their services. But commercials are not necessarily the best criteria to choose your mesothelioma lawyer.

7 Considerations when Choosing the Best Mesothelioma Lawyer:

  1. The size of the office: Law firms often have more resources to handle cases.
  2. The reputation of the lawyer: His credentials, his classification with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), his membership in professional associations, as well as the testimonials of his clients.
  3. The quality of care you receive: Not always a small office gives you more individualized attention. The attention is more related to the way in which the office is organized.
  4. Who will be in charge of your case: The lawyer you initially contact is not always the one who handles your case. Sometimes, the person in charge is a lawyer with less experience.
  5. The workload of the office: The ability of the firm to handle its workload is an important factor
  6. The experience of the legal team: Have you handled cases of asbestos exposure? What have been your results?
  7. The availability of the equipment to address your concerns. Who will inform you about the progress of your case? Who can you call if you have questions?

Television ads are not necessarily the best criteria for choosing a lawyer. You need to consider other factors, such as experience, your BBB rating, your knowledge of the subject, your legal team, and push. An experienced lawyer will have the weapons to successfully navigate the system and get the best results for the victims.

Written by:

Alley Smithens


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