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13 Incredible Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut (Coconut Nucifera) is a delicious tropical fruit from which practically everything is used. Due to its numerous therapeutic and beneficial properties for health, it is considered a superfood and is becoming increasingly important in the western world.

However, in other areas this fruit has been part of the basic food for hundreds of years and, in fact, these places claim to be among the healthiest on earth thanks to the consumption of coconut. Today, we talk about the many health benefits of coconut oil.

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What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil or coconut butter, as they also call it, is a fatty substance extracted from pressing the coconut pulp. Its content is about 90% saturated fat. It is resistant to oxidation and is widely used in cosmetics and cooking.

For a few years, it has been all the rage among Hollywood celebrities as well as the most reputable chefs on the planet, as well as makeup artists and nutritionists. But not only that, but coconut oil is the star of many Internet recipes and tutorials that circulate throughout the planet … But, why is this furor?

Far from being a temporary fad or a product of temporary fame, coconut oil has come to stay, and it is that this vegetable oil has a wide variety of applications, both within the world of cosmetics (makeup bases, natural masks for hair or skin treatments), gastronomy (preparation of cocktails or pastries) as in medicinal uses and for therapeutic treatments.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

1. Hydrate your skin

It contains vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that helps your skin look beautiful, it is good especially if you are dry skin. It also helps fight dermatitis, so it is present as the main ingredient in skin products.

2. Accelerate weight loss

To lose weight effectively, nothing better than this oil. It helps reduce stress in the pancreas and burn more calories. If you have problems losing weight, start by changing the oil you cook with.

3. Improves brain function

It is good for people with Alzheimer’s and other diseases. It improves brain function, creating alternative energy sources for the brain, all thanks to the fatty acids it contains.

4. Repairs the Hair

By being rich in proteins that help repair the hair, you will have soft and radiant hair. You can use it directly as a conditioner.

5. Improve your immune system

Regular use and in moderate amounts helps improve digestive health, healing up stomach ulcers, and strengthening the immune system. Tip: Consider replacing sugar with coconut oil.

6. Coconut oil reduces seizures and Alzheimer’s symptoms

The high content of medium-chain fatty acids present in coconut oil favors the concentration of ketone bodies in the body and makes it a very effective therapy in the treatment of drug-refractory epilepsy.

On the other hand, in a 2006 study, the consumption of medium-chain triglycerides caused an immediate improvement in the brain functions of patients with mild Alzheimer’s.

7. Coconut oil can kill pathogens

Nearly half of the fats present in coconut oil are lauric acid, a component with antimicrobial properties that effectively kills pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In addition, when our body digests coconut oil, a monoglyceride called monolaurin is formed, also with antimicrobial properties.

8. Burns abdominal fat

It may sound like a magic remedy, but no, one of the most widespread uses of coconut oil is based on the great combination of acids it has, which makes it ideal to encourage changes in metabolism.

Several studies show that its use in the diet helps to burn accumulated fat mainly in the abdominal area, a rather difficult area at the time of losing weight and in which any help is little if we need to burn fat.

This is because it provides elements that help in the oxidation of fats and stimulates the body to consume these energy reserves, as published in the “International Journal of Obesity” in 2003.

9. Natural hair conditioner

Its composition easily penetrates the hair and acts more effectively than many artificial conditioners, in addition to moisturizing the scalp, also the minerals it contains help prevent premature fall. The properties of coconut oil are highly valued in the field of cosmetics and many beauty products have it among its components.

10. Skin moisturizer

For those who suffer from dry hands or have problems with the skin or lips, it is an infallible home remedy, it helps hydration and soothes the itching so it is so used in many creams.

11. Healing aid

After a bruise, wound or burn, the natural qualities of coconut oil act very effectively. First, they provide immediate symptomatic relief, moisturizes the area and do not allow the burn to be exposed by creating a protective barrier and thanks to the minerals it contains it helps heal and regenerate damaged tissue.

12. Natural deodorant

If you don’t like using chemicals and smearing your skin with alcohol, the most effective deodorant that exists is the combination of cornstarch powder, baking soda and a few drops of this natural oil to give a pleasant perfume. Try it, the result is surprisingly effective and economical. You can see step by step how to do it in: Toxic-free deodorant -Made at home.

13. Soothes ear discomfort

A few drops of this slightly warm oil for a few seconds in the ear is capable of working wonders if you have earplugs caused by a change in pressure or water. You have to be very careful that the oil is not very hot.

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